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Christy Largent...she’s a “breath of fresh air!”

Are You Looking for a Speaker with Meaningful Content and Dynamic Delivery?

You Need Employee Engagement Motivational Speaker Christy Largent!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we best use Christy at our next event?

  • Inspiring and Interactive Keynote
  • Energetic Breakout Sessions
  • Super interesting Spouse Programs
  • Non-judgemental Facilitator
  • Entertaining Emcee
  • Weekend Retreat
  • All Women Summit
  • Annual Company Meeting for Women

What are Christy’s Technical Needs? (How do we set up the room etc.?)

Christy likes to keep it simple and easy. A wireless mic. Screen and projector. Close proximity to the audience. Make sure everyone can see and hear. Set up for audience interaction. The main thing is to make it as easy for everyone to see, hear and engage as possible. The PDF below has all the specific details to make your job easier too.

How does Christy really connect with our audience? (What makes her different than other speakers?)

Before the event Christy will do a fun welcome video. This can either be live-stream with attendees (Skype or Facebook Group) or a video Christy sends to you to share with attendees. The goal is to get them thinking about and anticipating the event.

Her presentations are customizable, high energy and interactive. She uses her strong background in training to make sure every program is full of opportunities for audience interaction and engagement. (Even Keynotes!) Lots of stories, activities (not dumb ones!), laughter, discussion, all abound making her presentations both enjoyable and memorable.

Christy Largent - About Christy 3 - Employee Engagement Motivational Keynote Speaker

Christy’s positive, energetic presentation is sure to infuse your event with just the spark you need to drive your message home. Executives, employees and entrepreneurs alike find her content practical and immediately applicable. Her humor filled, engaging business keynotes are just what you need to energize your next conference.

Here’s what some clients have to say…

“Christy Largent did a great job training the staff at the Record Searchlight in Redding, California.  She conducted the training in an entertaining and professional way that focuses on the individual’s professional and personal life.  We are still relying on the knowledge and information we learned during her sessions whether we are still working at the RS or have moved on to other jobs.  The training is valuable and applicable for a lifetime.”

Deborah Smiddy | Retired Corporate Director of Advertising at Scripps Howard

“Christy has passed on inspiration, motivation and passion to our workplace (or staff) by her skilled facilitation and excellent trainings.”

Shannon Phillips | VP of Operations The McConnell Foundation

“Christy has assisted our clients and employees with management and communication training as well as personality profiling. We enjoyed all of the sessions and feel that our employees learned valuable skills to use in their positions. Christy is energetic and always delivers great content which keeps the audience engaged. We have received great feedback from all that have attended.”

Heidi Corrigan | Owner Teamwork HR 

“Christy’s energy is contagious. She is humorous, lively and personable. Her passion for positivity shines through in her presentations. If you want to be sure your audience stays awake and engaged, Christy is your gal!”

Amy Cavalleri | Benefits Administrator Shasta Trinity Schools Insurance Group

“Christy’s training had a lasting impact on our culture. To this day, we still use colors to talk about the different styles of our coworkers. She gave us a vocabulary that is constructive, practical and positive — helping us to see our personality differences as strengths. I’m grateful for her insights and leadership.”

Silas Lyons | Editor Redding Record Searchlight

“Christy’s presentations are a wonderful balance of humor, insight, and practical information that both students and parents will appreciate. My students often discuss the strategies and ideas that Christy taught us. She is a delight and full of energy….a very motivational speaker!”

Renee Sumption | Teacher, Redding